(JSI) introduces Zion, a Spectroscopy Camera that will fit your needs AND your budget!

The Zion was developed as an innovative camera to be the optimal solution and both be economical and the answer to your research obstacles as well. Finally, a fresh camera design you can appreciate without any financial regrets. Design Excellence. Delivered.

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Our Core Features

Industry Standard

Industry Proven 1024x256 pixel spectroscopy array


USB 2.0 and Ethernet 10/100 for robust communication and lab commonality

Spectroscopy Mounts

Custom or Standard Spectroscopy Mount available

Software Integration

Software Engineered to integrate with most popular Spectrometers


Air Cooled, 70°C below Ambient Temperature

Elegant Design

Fully Integrated compact package design

Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit (SDK) Ease of control integration into complex setups: Matlab, Labview, Visual Basic or C/C+

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Custom Solutions

JSI understands every end-user has a unique application. Therefore, we provide custom mechanical solutions to adapt our camera to their research equipment. We can design and manufacture adapters, custom camera mounts to specific spectrometers or instrumentations, etc. Please feel free to contact us at or at (609) 587-2350 for a custom solution.

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Why Choose Zion

An Affordable Camera for Professional Performance

ZION was designed and engineered not only for low noise quantitative spectroscopy applications, but also with the end-user’s and OEM applications’ budget in mind. This affordable solution is compact, gives the user the options to use USB 2.0 or Ethernet for communication and has a dual spectrometer mount (3.60” (91.44mm) Bolt Circle and a 3.5433” (90mm) x 2.0472 (52mm) x4 thru hole for 6-32 screws), all standard with Zion.

Targeted Performance Camera for Professionals

Cooling capable to reach 95 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature for a dark current as low as 0.0018 e/pix/sec, ideal for low light-level applications such as fluorescence’s, DNA sequencing and measurement of certain biological samples. The 1024 array with 6.656 mm CCD height and 26.624 mm spectral coverage is ideal for multi-stripe spectroscopy and maximum light collecting area.


Spectroscopy Solutions

The JSI Navima™ Series of monochromators are highly customizable allowing choice of spectral range and resolution appropriate for the application. These systems are available with focal lengths of 150mm, 300mm, 500mm and 750mm. At the shorter focal lengths, they provide a cost-effective tool for low to medium resolution spectral analysis or tuneable light sources, whereas the longer focal length instruments provide the resolution needed to robustly conduct high precision measurements in areas such as photoluminescence and laser fluorescence. Our innovative, user friendly ilustra™ software allows easy control of our Zion Cameras, all monochromator functions and features including control of many of our accessories.

New Zion Spectroscopy Platforms

Available GXP Deep Cooling, for high sensitivity, low dark current and low noise. Can be use with Jireh Scientific Imaging’s Spectroscopy System. Designed for quantitative scientific imaging optical spectroscopy applications.

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